3. Snorkeling paradise

Grant Montgomery Travelogue: Philippines snorkeling paradise

I am so thankful for a weekend, as I have been feeling the jetlag transition more so arriving in Asia than I did in Africa. So Saturday I have taken the opportunity to catch up on some rest, as well as relaxing and seeing the lovely countryside around Cebu.

Philippines Rise Above Cebu 09On Sunday I accompanied a group including our FCF Project Managers and their family and friends to a nearby island. They rented a local catamaran boat which took us out to coral reefs where we spent the day enjoying snorkeling, swimming and diving off the boat, coupled with lunch.

Philippines Rise Above Cebu 10Prior to this snorkeling experience, my ultimate reference point was beautiful Hanama Bay in Hawaii, which I likened to swimming in an aquarium –Well, I now have a new reference point for an even bigger and more exotic aquarium, the waters surrounding the islands off Cebu!

I lost track after counting 60-some varieties of fish amongst the coral! In addition to many of the same fish one might see in the waters off Hawaii, I saw brilliant fish with so many bright neon colors that I imagine God must have held a design contest to come with all that variety.

Philippines Rise Above Cebu 12And that is not to speak of all the colors of coral and underwater plants, interspersed with purple starfish and a multitude of colorful fish, and even the occasional stingray and barracuda.

P.S. – Did I mention the cost of the boat for the day for 25 people, including bonus tips for the boatmen, plus the cost of renting goggles and fins, etc. came to only $100?!



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