Cambodia Family Care 01When one thinks of Cambodia, two visuals may come to mind: “Killing Fields” and streetkids/orphans!
From 1975 – 1979, “Killing Fields” dictator Pol Pot terrorized his nation of Cambodia, brutally uprooting, torturing and slaughtering a couple million of his fellow citizens. The deep impact from this living nightmare is still evident in the psyche of Cambodia some 30 years later, remnants of a living nightmare that personally touched every single family.

Cambodia Family Care 02Both of our FCF Partners here work with orphans and street kids in different capacities. At one orphanage we went to, I met about 60 orphans, and two particular 7-year-olds held my hand and would hug me when any opportunity would arise during the time I was there. When it was time to drive away, my heart broke as they asked if I could take them home to live with my wife and I!

Cambodia Family Care 03Thank God all these kids are now receiving an education, learning English, and have their basic needs met, and so have a future.

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