Trujillio Peru garbage dumpI “toured” reputedly the largest garbage dump in South America, which is just north of Trujillo Peru. Acres of garbage rotting in the hot sun teem with thousands of poor people– men, women and children–scouring the garbage for remnants to gather and sell in order to eke out a basic existence.
Peru 02I remembered one particular little 5-year-old boy, who was gathering cardboard to help support his family. I learned  each day, providing he is able to gather this amount,  he can trade in a kilo (2.2 lbs.) of his find for one sol (equivalent to 3 cents U.S.), sufficient to buy a loaf of white bread.

This is the background of some of the children that our Partner Project here works with. Truly there is a need for the work they are doing.

I often reflect on my blessings when I encounter situations like this. Pure destiny, such as where my children or I were born, could have placed me amongst these families foraging a sub-existent life style.

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