India 01 KarankaduAfter taking part of the day to acclimate to my arrival in India, I flew from Chennai (Madras) to Trichy (officially called Tiruchchirappalli) in the south. In Trichy, I met up with our FCF Project Partners and drove 4 hours to Karankadu Village, located on the very tip of India across the strait from Sri Lanka. (see map)

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The purpose was to check on progress of the Primary School and Dormitory that FCF is building, in a co-funding arrangement with L’Oreal India and other partners. A Children’s Dormitory Home is being constructed adjacent to the new primary school, allowing more local students to study, girls in particular. This campus will provide a dramatic change for students in this village and the 12 surrounding ones, all with a low literacy rating.

India 03 Karankadu

For contrast, this photo shows where village children are presently having their school classes — outside on the ground — since the dark, dingy 100-year-old structure they had previously used for school is closed.

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