Grant Montgomery Mexico. Copyright Grant Montgomery 2010. Not to be republished.FCF Partner, MexMission, has been instrumental in supporting three downtown orphanages all founded by Madre Inez, who could be likened to a type of Mother Teresa of Mexico City. MexMission currently provides 80% of the food budget necessary to maintain Madre Inez’s various institutions. Family Care recently provided a large van used full-time by the orphanages.
A rural property was donated to Madre Inez, which has only recently had electricity lines run to it, therefore presenting the potential to house many more orphans on this 5 acre property. So along with the project managers and Madre Inez and some of her staff, we paid a visit to this property about two hours outside of Mexico City, near Texacoco.

MexMission Mike with orphansOf the three orphanages Madre Inez currently operates in Mexico City, the first one housing 94 orphan children, both boys and girls, fulltime. Additionally they provide school and meals for another 80 children, who in some cases have one parent. (Unfortunately, many of these children’s parents still feel financially obligated to have them out in the street begging for a living every day till 11 p.m. at night to help make ends meet for their family.)

The second orphanage houses 56 young boys full-time and also extends assistance to many other poor children in that community. The third location houses 17 teen girls Madre Inez and staff have gathered off the streets, mainly who were forced into prostitution but have now changed their lives around.

Getting the new rural property up and running will make it possible to house more orphans that at present are being turned away, not to speak of providing facilities to get all these kids out of Mexico City from time to time to a relaxing property complete with a playground and adjacent woods. Otherwise the children never experience nature, just downtown Mexico City.